New Arrival China Sandblast Suppliers - ZH86 core shooting machine – Changjia

Technical function:

Mode of operation: manipulating disc valve control

Parting mode: vertical parting

Mode of feeding sand :auto quantitive feeding sand

Temperature control: temperature automatically display,selecting high and how temperature be controlled by the instrument

Mode of installing mould:two extremes movable mould,middle cover die,shoot tow mould once,

Mode of heating mould;electric heating

Special specifications can be made in accordance  with customers’ need.

Design  and product mould for the user.

Technical parameter

mode Z8612B
Max mode piece dimension(mm) 540x400x300
Core sand capacity(kg) 12×2
Outline size (mm) 2800x1600x2760
Assembly power (kw) 35
Heating power (kw) 18
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